Working with Keith was a pleasure.  From our initial phone conversation until the closing, he made himself available to discuss any questions we had regarding the lending, sale process, and estimated costs.   Keith also made our comfort level with the process of buying a house a priority, which when faced with difficult decisions really helped remove allot of anxiety from the process.  Keith also worked well with our realtor and helped to structure the closing to favor us financially as much as possible.  In the end, we got a great interest rate on our mortgage and into a new house.  Thanks Keith!

The Vertesch Family, Jupiter, FL

Over the past 7 years, we have purchased two homes with Keith and completed a refinance.  Our experiences have always been positive.  In a time where regulations in the housing/banking industries are drastically changing, Keith and his staff have been on top of these changing laws and have been able to offer various new programs and at unbelievable rates. I was told that these days it was near impossible to refinance without equity in your home but Keith told me about a new government program where you can take advantage of today’s amazing low rates without having equity in your home, even with a first and second mortgage!

The employees are friendly and knowledgeable and I would (and have), wholeheartedly recommended Keith M. Chabot to my friends and family for their mortgage needs.

Laura & Aaron Chabot, Litchfield, NH

Thank you soooo much for my fabulous house-warming party you hosted Keith!  It was such a blast & certainly the topic of dicussion for weeks to come.  Keith you did such a great job hosting!  Thanks again for everything you did to help me with my very first home.

Andrea Morgan
Boynton Beach, FL

We wanted to write to you to express our absolute gratitude for helping make our dream house purchase in our dream community possible.  Your continued persistence to get our family the best possible mortgage rate and financing is very much appreciated.  Your dedication and persistence is unmatched and we really felt like we were getting the personal attention that such a significant family transition such as a home purchase deserves.  This is our second home purchase and the first experience does not compare to how much of a smooth and pleasurable experience Keith and his staff has made it.

Thanks again for helping us get the home we wanted in the community we wanted.  We appreciate your hard work and would definitely recommend you to any of our friends and family in need of mortgage and finance services.

Kristin & Ken DeLaTorre
Royal Palm Beach, FL

Working with Keith made the process of purchasing my first home a pleasure!  Keith and Cindy worked very diligently to make sure all of my many questions were answered and that all the necessary paperwork was completed quickly and correctly.  Their assistance made my dreams of home ownership come true!

Many Thanks To You!!
Katie Hanna
Palm Springs, FL

I bought my house in March 2010 and selected Keith M. Chabot to help me.  This was one of the best decisions that I have ever made.  A few months after closing on my house, Keith Chabot called to propose refinancing of my loan.  He thoroughly explained how this would lower my interest rate and save me money over the length of the loan.  He was able to answer all of my questions and was eager to help me.  I would recommend anyone who is buying a house to consider Keith M. Chabot.

Shawn Och
Royal Palm Beach, FL

Keith, There’s a miracle called friendship that dwells within the heart, and you don’t know how it happens or how it gets its start… but the happiness it brings you always gives a special lift, and you realize that friendship is God’s most precious gift!  Keith  & Cindy are an awesome team that made me feel comfortable and secure during this life-changing experience.

Thanks for your help & support
Deb Profera
Boynton Beach, FL

Working with Keith Chabot and Cindy Price, obtaining a mortgage for my new home was a simple, easy and painless process.  From the first call I received from Keith explaining the procedures to the closing, there never was a problem. Living in New York and purchasing a home in Florida seemed at first to be a somewhat daunting task to me.  But with Keith and Cindy walking and talking me through the steps, it couldn’t have been easier.  Everything was done by mail, email or fax, with the total time required by me to be minimal.  When I arrived at the closing all the paperwork was in place, all I had to do was sign a few papers.  In an out in no time at all! I would unquestionably highly recommend Keith to anyone seeking a mortgage professional.  I have already given Keith’s name and card to several people, including the Vice President of our company, that are contemplating a Florida home purchase.

John Frederick
Dundee, NY

Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me during purchasing my first home.  It was great working with you.  I can’t thank you enough for having patience with me during my dramatic moments!  You went above & beyond throwing me a housewarming party.  Everyone had a great time & it really made my new home feel like a home.  I will be sure to refer you without hesitation to anyone looking for a magnificent mortgage guy!

Many Thanks
Amanda Murray
Lake Worth, FL

I am writing to let you know how pleased my wife and I have been in working with you Keith.  When you helped us refinance our personal residence, the experience could not have been any better.

Keith’s staff are true mortgage professionals.  They take the time to listen to what your needs and wants are and then get the job done.  What most impresses me with Keith and his team is the follow-up.  He puts out a news letter to all his clients and stays in the picture unlike most Mortgage Companies that do a deal with you and disappear.
My wife and I really felt like he is working for us for the long haul.  We most certainly recommend Keith M. Chabot to anyone out there looking for help with a refinance or new mortgage.

Alicia & Todd Marshall
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Keith I want to thank you for all your help and guidance in obtaining my Reverse Mortgage on my home.  You were always available to answer any questions or ease my mind on any concerns I had.
I will be happy to refer anyone seeking a Reverse Mortgage to you.

Joan Leventhal
Tampa, FL

I wanted to purchase a nice home on my own; but as a single female with limited income, I felt that purchasing a home was only a dream.
Many mortgage professionals suggested that I forget buying a house; and some even doubted that I could or would get funding without some sort of assistance.  I was so discouraged, and ready to just forget it!
One evening, I attended a presentation given by Keith Chabot.  During that presentation; I discovered that, Keith is a very knowledgeable and informative member of the mortgage industry.  Keith is willing to listen, advise and help you make your dreams come true.
Keith provided me with his consistent:
Encouragement and motivation
Answers to my many questions and inquires
Suggestions and help locating a committed and reliable Realtor
Timely follow up telephone calls
The help of his reliable assistant Cindy
Keith was able to help me a get a loan with a good fixed rate and I am now living my dream….”HOME SWEET HOME.”
So, from living in an older 12 x 56 mobile home in a park (in need of many repairs) to living in a 2005 3/2/2 house-WOW!  Dreams can come true with the right people to give you that encouragement; and guidance through the mortgage process.
Therefore, you should choose Keith Chabot as your personal mortgage consultant.  He sure is my choice!
Thank you very much!

Linda Langston
Port Saint Lucie, Florida

Keith, Thank you so much for helping us achieve The American Dream of owning our home.  Your expertise and wonderful knowledge guided us through this with NO problem.  Were spreading the word about you?

Thanks Again
Tony & Jason Guevara
West Palm Beach, Florida

Keith, I just wanted to thank you so much for your help in the past year to year and half.  You are making our dreams come true and I can’t tell you what that means to us.  Again thank you, you are an angel

Thank You,
Paula & Anthony Berardi
Keene, New Hampshire

Refinancing can be stressful.  Keith and his team made ours so easy.  I understood everything that was going on because they explained things so good.  This was my first time gathering all the needed information.  I was nervous I might not be so good at it.  Keith was so patient with me and helped me through.

We got money to do renovations to our house from refinancing.  It was so quick.  Painless and easy.

Every time I look out my new windows I’ll think of Keith.

Thank You,
Kyle Crawford & Angela Brown
Plaistow, New Hampshire

Dana and I had the pleasure of working with Keith Chabot for our recent re-financing. We have been home owners for approximately 30 years. We have financed and re-financed many, many times over that period of time and I must say that we have never had the experience we have had with Keith. We agree that Keith got to know us personally and took a genuine interest in our situation and what our needs were. He spent so much time with us getting together everything we needed and was so patient at all times. He was so prompt at getting back to us if we had a question. The entire process was convenient and done in record time. He took the time to keep us abreast of what was happening and he made things happen in record time. We appreciate all the work his assistant Cindy did as well.

We are committed to tell our friends and family about your company and will give the highest recommendation.

Thank you for an outstanding job,
Dianne & Dana Amiss
Methuen, Massachusetts

I was a first time homebuyer and recently purchased a house.  I cannot express the gratitude and appreciation that I have felt working with Keith Chabot and his team.  I was nervous about how much I didn’t understand about the home buying process, but with Keith’s guidance and explanations of the process, I felt very much at ease.  Keith’s team worked very closely with me and helped make the process as smooth as possible.  I look forward to working more with Keith on some of the other services that he offers.

Thank you very much,
Mark Spurgeon
Hobe Sound, Florida

I first spoke to Keith 3 years ago. I was immediately impressed with his knowledge, confidence, and professionalism. It was clearly evident that he was not only well versed in various mortgage programs but real estate issues as well. I explained our current situation and what we hoped to accomplish. He listened and advised us accordingly. Due to our varied taste and high standards, my wife and I could not agree on a home we both liked – so we kept looking. Although Keith was unable to help us with a mortgage program at that time, his real estate advice proved to be invaluable.

My wife and I have been looking for a second home for quite some time now. We wanted a lakeside / ski home to retreat to from our daily everyday grind. After an exhaustive search, we finally found a home we both liked. I gave Keith a call and was impressed once again. Not only did he remember who I was but was able to recall and rattle off conversations we had over 3 years ago!  I explained to Keith we found a home but was somewhat over our budget. His background in real estate was instrumental in helping us negotiate a price we could afford. I updated him on our financial situation. Within those three years, my credit score, although respectable, had dropped due to a high revolving debt. I was concerned we would not qualify for a mortgage on a second home. Keith assured me that not only could he find a program for us but could likely do 100% financing with minimal out of pocket expenses. We were excited but cautious. We never heard of 100% financing – and neither did anyone else we asked.

Although not too optimistic, we proceeded with the loan process. We put our trust in Keith to find a way to finance our home. We were so glad we did. The loan application took 15 minutes over the phone. The documents required were minimal. Keith had an answer for us within 24 hours and told us we could close in 30 days if we needed to. We showed the seller that we were serious buyers by how quickly we committed and willingness to close. Keith delivered what he promised and then some. He even convinced us to have the seller contribute to our closing costs! I thought he was nuts! Why on earth would the seller pay for our closing costs? Surprisingly enough, she did! Keith showed us how and gave us the verbiage to use. In addition to finding a lender to finance us 100%, our first payment wasn’t due for 60 days! To top it all off, the closing agent handed us a check.

Mere words cannot express our gratitude for Keith. We found our dream home but saw no way to acquire it. He came through for us when things were financially grim. He made our dream a reality. In my opinion, his knowledge and expertise are unmatched. I highly recommend Keith M. Chabot without reservation to anyone needing financing advice.

Thanks again,
Rod & Jo Ann Sigua
Bow, New Hampshire

I would like to express how my financial situation along with general lifestyle has changed since I first met Keith M. Chabot. I am a Captain with the local fire department and just recently started my 14th year there. When I met Keith about 5 years ago my credit rating was about as low as it could get. I owed a lot of creditor’s money and could not qualify for anything. I was literally getting deeper and deeper in the hole.  Keith took me to his office and explained in detail everything I needed to do to get out of debt and more importantly get my credit rating back. I did exactly what he told me to do and in less than a year my credit rating was exceptional! I never realized how important that was. I also paid off all of my creditors and consolidated the debt into one monthly payment with a low interest payment so this was saving me a lot of money at the same time. Since then Keith has guided me into some secure real estate investments. As a matter of fact we just closed on my third property two days ago. I can’t believe that he made it work. Keith thinks outside of the box and always offers different and creative ways to get it done. He treats you like a true friend. I have had experiences with other mortgage companies in the past and will never do business with anyone other than him in the future. It is such a relief not to have to worry about finances anymore. I trust Keith M. Chabot like family. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your help.

Dan Tilles
North Palm Beach, Florida

We would like to express our gratitude to Keith M. Chabot.  He managed to take us from sinking to swimming. We needed to refinance our home because our rate wasn’t fixed and was going up and up.  Keith told us he could lock us in at a rate that was too good to be true.  No one else could match or come near to his offer. We were even told by others that what Keith was offering was impossible. We started to worry and believe them, and stopped corresponding with Keith. But the other offers were horrible. It was very depressing and frustrating.  Well thank the Lord we decided to put our trust in what Keith promised he could do, because HE DID IT! Our fixed rate is even lower than when we first bought the house!!  Keith thank you for being there every step of the way. Now when I think of doing anything financially, my first thought is what would Keith tell me to do?  I’ll sum it up with this If you think what Keith is offering is too good to be true, well you’re wrong… it is good and it is true.  God bless you Keith.

James & Deborah Donohue
Manchester New Hampshire

Keith, Thank you for all your help in refinancing our home.  We were able to pay some bills off and get new kitchen cabinets.  We also now have a lower mortgage payment.  You are very friendly and caring Keith

Thank You.
Stephen & Marion Barger
Manchester, New Hampshire

We would like to thank Keith M. Chabot and his team for guiding us through our real estate adventures. We look forward to many future endeavors.

Katherine & William Randall
Gulf Breeze, Florida

The timing couldn’t have been better for Paul and me to have met Keith M. Chabot. We had been in our first home for 3 years when we realized we needed to take advantage of the lowered interest rates so many of our family and friends already had. We were also very interested in reducing our overall debt through refinancing and didn’t have the knowledge about how best to go about this. With his many years of experience, Keith easily and positively provided us with the best options available specifically for our needs and set our minds at ease immediately. We felt that Keith understood our financial and life situation in the very first conversation we had with him and that feeling continued throughout the entire process. In fact, we felt the understanding and compassion that good friends give to one another in conversation with every communication we had with Keith, not the reserved interaction clients and service professionals barely enlist just to get the job done. Trust is a gift given only to those who truly understand its meaning, know its value, and humbly accept it from the giver, a promise and commitment to uphold the same values and principles…and that was clearly evident with our experience with Keith. Keith sent out a very thorough and easy-to-understand packet of information that clearly defined the process every step of the way, of which we were extremely grateful. Paul and I felt very comfortable as we read through every step and we were able to breathe a great sigh of relief very early on. We were so happy to discover that the material he sent WASN’T a jumble of sentences whose meanings we weren’t ever meant to understand. It was completely outlined and worded with complete care of the reader. Because Keith is very accessible and completely reliable, we were able to communicate any concerns and questions we had along the way to which we received prompt and timely, thorough and, (maybe the most important) KIND responses from him every time… and at this time in all of our busy lives, that counts for much! We highly recommend Keith and his team, and the dedicated, dependable, and highly qualified people there to help you meet your own mortgage needs.

Cindy and Paul Wentzell
Sandown, New Hampshire

I want to tell you what a wonderful experience I had working with you again. When I first purchased my home several years ago, you were there to help me with my first refinancing process. I did so, so that I could do some home improvements. You made sure that the process was painless. As you know financing and/or refinancing a home can be very confusing at times. You, however, made me feel at ease and kept me well informed throughout the entire process. So when it came time for me to refinance several years later, there was no doubt in my mind as to who I would be doing business with. I had kept your business card and called you. I have to say I did receive MANY offers from other companies to refinance with, but I knew I would not get the same quality of service I had received from you. The refinancing process this time again, was easy and informative. You took care of everything. What was especially nice was the ability to talk to a person. When I did call and received your voice mail, you made sure you returned my call right away. You made me feel that I was important to you. I have told several people about you and the service you provide. If I hear someone talking about refinancing, I will be sure to give them your card. Thank you so much for the quality of service you gave me.

Brenda L. Corriveau
Wethersfield, Connecticut

We would like to Thank Keith Chabot for all he has done to help us get our Dream Home. We have always wanted a Log Cabin and without him, it would have never happened for us.

Thank You,
Steve & Patty Scholes
Loudon, New Hampshire

“At some point you have to sit down and ask yourself, “how did you get in this position and how are you going to get out of it?” I would have to say “I got myself into it by inexperience and not realizing how important money and good credit really are.” The next question is, “how do I get out of it?” This is a little more difficult because every time you ask for help either there is no one there or they just do not want to help. My wife and I went through this for a long while until we found someone who was more than willing to help. His name is KEITH CHABOT and me and my wife thank God every day that we were able to meet him. Keith is the one and only person that cared enough to help us out of our predicament. We have never personally met Keith, we only know him by the sound of his voice on the phone. This is important because it was nice to know we had a friend behind us helping us along the way. He helped us refinance our home and receive enough money back to pay all of our bills and still have money to put in the bank so we could have peace of mind not to have to worry about the next bill coming in. I am glad to know there are people like him in this world who are not afraid to extend themselves out to help others. I would like to personally thank Keith as stated above, “THANKS FOR ALL I HAVE AND ALL I HAVE BEEN GIVIN.”

William C. & Angela Chaffee
Sanbornton, New Hampshire

“Keith M. Chabot gave me a chance when I had been refused by my local bank. I was able to refinance my home and pay-off all of my debt which exceeded $25,000.00. Plus Keith showed me how to build my credit back up. I would refer Keith M. Chabot and his team because of their sincerity and professionalism through the process.”

Bonnie Martel
Acton, Maine

“Being a single mom out of college, my student loans and current mortgage payments on top of all my other costs of living were too much. I thought of selling until I spoke with Keith M. Chabot and his team. Not only did Keith show me it was possible to keep my home, but I paid off 75% of all my debts and saved $640.00 a month in total payments. Thank you Keith.”

Tina DePaola
Manchester, New Hampshire

“Keith M. Chabot and his team were a lifesaver for me & my family. One night I received a phone call one day. I really wasn’t interested in what he had to say, because I have had nothing, but lies from several different loan officers from several different companies. They all told me they could help and get me what I wanted and when it was time to show the numbers it was never even close to what I asked for. Keith M. Chabot and his team were not only able to get the Rate that worked for us, but he was able to get me enough cash out to pay-off my upcoming wedding and to do upgrades on my home. Keith M. Chabot and his team were also able to close the loan in only 3 weeks. I wanted to thank Keith M. Chabot and his team for helping make our dreams come true.”

Mark & Kelly Klepser
Pembroke Pines, Florida

“Keith M. Chabot and his team were the only Company that were able to get me refinanced after being turned down by local banks. They not only saved me money per month on my current mortgage, but gave me the cash out that I needed to put my home improvements in action. Thank you Keith.”

Helene O’Brien
Hampton, New Hampshire

“Keith M. Chabot and his team helped me debt consolidate and save over $2,700.00 in high interest debt per month. We forgot what it felt like to save money. Thank you Keith.”

Peter & Michelle Worthington
Lyndeborough, New Hampshire